Introducing Future Proof: The World’s Largest Wealth Festival

Introducing Future Proof: The World’s Largest Wealth Festival

The Future Proof Festival celebrates the convergence of the wealth, technology, pop culture and impact industries to create a truly different wealth event experience. Set on the beautiful Pacific coast Huntington Beach, California provides a picturesque backdrop for this 4-day wealth festival. 


Created to help usher in a new era of wealth. An era where the cross pollination of ideas and the intersection of communities truly drives change. Pushing the boundaries of what a wealth event can be, Future Proof engages our audience with a range of content formats,settings, tailored networking activities and shared learning experiences


Believing that unique ideas and advancement comes when a diversity of topics and people come together. Our multigenerational audience bridges the gap and sits at the crossroads of pop culture and wealth. We are able to bring these communities together through our speakers and the topics they cover.  Learn what it takes to become a Future Proof speaker.


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At Future Proof we are all about the experience. Understanding experiences are what drives learning, connecting and business. We have taken extra care to curate all aspects of the festival. With 4 hotels to choose from, all within the walking distance of our ½ mile Boardwalk.


Engage with the companies that are advancing our industry for better while connecting and learning from those driving change across technology, pop culture and impact. Like all your favorite festivals, Future Proof will feature the best of SoCal. Our city wide celebration of Huntington Beach will feature tastes from local food trucks, breweries, and restaurants. 


Join over 3000+ of your peers for 4-days of learning, reimagining, and connecting to help shape the future of wealth. 


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