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The Insider’s Guide To Being a Future Proof Speaker

Out of the Lab onto the Stage

It’s been quite a while since we’ve all been able to gather. Future Proof wants to know what you’ve been working on. The 2022 festival will be the perfect time to showcase your talents with the world. 


We know this is the first time many of you will be applying to speak at a wealth festival. We wanted to give you a few tips, share a couple of points and a sneak peek of what we’re looking for in our speakers. 


We could talk for hours about the new formats and unique content venues we’re creating, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t start by going through the application process.  


We’ve created an online application that will allow you to tell us your story, why you should be on the Future Proof stage and submit supporting documents. Of course, there are a few rules and regulations. You only have 100 words to tell your story, so make them count. You can only share one link or supporting document. Should you submit more than one, we will only review the first link. Most importantly, due to the number of applications, it is impossible for us to set up a call or respond to each application. 


Don’t Hesitate 

We are now accepting applications; no reason to delay! Submitting early does not guarantee anything. We will place a greater emphasis on the applications we receive early where ideas may be duplicated. 


All Genres Welcome 

We aren’t just looking for the next great investment idea. We know there are a million and one of those. Instead, think of the large wealth ecosystem and how it’s being influenced by the world around us. We are taking applications on everything from the latest in technology to content creation and beyond. In addition, we’ll be building a speaker lineup that reflects the Future Proof value of diversity and inclusion. 


Cross Your T’s & Dot Your I’s

We understand everyone wants to get their application in early, but be sure you don’t omit anything. It’s easy to get so focused on the 100-word description that we forget to send supporting documents or we leave off contact details. We will still review those applications but, again, greater emphasis will be placed on applications that provide a full picture of yourself and your topic.  


Have Some Fun With It

At Future Proof, we take ourselves seriously, but we also love to have a good time and be entertained. We are looking for speakers who wow us, make us laugh and have a topic we believe will be entertaining for our audience.  


There’s no perfect approach or perfect application, so don’t stress about it. Do your best to provide the information we’re asking for and go from there. 


Apply Now 


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Please note: Future Proof does not cover the cost of travel, accommodation or any other costs associated with speaking at Future Proof. 

Wheel of Impact

Future Proof’s Wheel of Impact promotes the power of giving in a fun, dynamic and social way. With a donation of any size, attendees can have the ability to spin the wheel, determining where the donation will go and how it will be used. Land on the “mystery” selection and have a chance to win items, trips and other experiences.

Health Is Wealth Center

Physical and mental health is the cornerstone of any successful long-term wealth plan. But for years, our industry has prioritized work over health, leading to unhealthy lifestyles and employee burnout. The Health Is Wealth Center provides a warm and relaxed setting, allowing attendees to come in and recharge, grab a drink from the juice bar and eat healthy snacks. The space will also be home to daily group yoga and fitness classes as well as meditation sessions.

Future Proof Creator Corner

rhe Creator Corner is built to support creators, creatives and brands. It’s equipped with a podcast recording studio and first-of-its-kind Collab Lab. The podcast area will afford attendees the ability to record podcast sessions and will feature podcast consultants helping to answer questions of both existing podcast hosts and aspiring creators. The Collab Lab is where asset managers and fintech companies collaborate with leading and emerging finance influencers. Looking for engaging content built for the modern financial professional or investor? We offer high quality video and audio production for all your creative needs.

Future Proof Live

Future Proof Live is our full-production broadcast studio strategically placed at the heart of the Boardwalk. Our very own Future Proof anchors will provide all-day commentary featuring casual speakers and celebrity interviews as well as unexpected guest appearances. Future Proof Live extends our one-of-a-kind experience to a larger audience virtually.


Technology is embedded in everything we do. So, why should a conference be any different? Exchange has invested in the next generation of networking apps, allowing you to connect, interact and share your experiences, before, after and on site at Exchange. Build lasting relationships and connections to empower your business.

NYSE TV Studio

Get the latest ETF industry update at Exchange! With 100+ industry leaders and innovators, there’s no shortage of amazing ideas going around. Add another 100+ thought leaders on top of that, and you have a content bonanza. Stop by and watch as the NYSE brings our TV studio to life.


No trip to South Florida is complete without a visit to the world-famous cabanas of the Fontainebleau. Connect and host your peers, clients and colleagues in a more relaxed environment as you step outside to take in the fresh air, reenergize and get business done.

Immersive Experiences

People want to fall in love with your brand, they want to understand it, experience it. Exchange welcomes 100+ sponsors with interactive booths to bring you closer to the ETF industry, leaving you better educated and prepared for the road ahead.

Podcast Booth

Podcasts are taking over the world, but how do you get started? At Exchange, we bring the experts to you. Book a time slot to learn more about how you can get your podcast off the ground. Already have a podcast? Book a time slot and invite a guest or two, and record a podcast live from Exchange.

Marketplace Tours

Large exhibit halls can be intimidating, with what feels like countless aisles of booths, making it difficult to know where to start. Exchange introduces our Marketplace guided tours. Join our expert guides as they highlight the most innovative companies driving meaningful change in the ETF industry.

Wednesday Night Reception

TUESDAY Night Reception

The team at Exchange is hard at work putting together a truly unique Miami experience. Stay Tuned for more details.

Mission Miami


Miami is vibrant and full of life, art and food that is truly unique to this wonderful city. Take advantage of being out of the cold and soak up all that Miami has to offer. Not sure what to do? Check in with us and we’ll let you know what’s happening and where you should be going.

Night Welcome Reception


Exchange kicks off our networking with a welcome reception just feet from the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy amazing cocktails, little bites and the warm air as you reconnect with peers and industry colleagues after more than two years of being apart. Stay tuned for more details